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Ältere Firmware-Versionen für Parrots Mambo

Verfasst: 4. Mai 2019 06:11
von AR.Tommy

vielen Dank an Dirk_ANAFI der mir die älteren Firmwareversionen bereit gestellt hat falls jemand, aus welchen Gründen auch immer, ein Downgrade an seiner Mambo durchführen möchte:

Mambo Firmware 2.6.11: ... /Mambo.plf
Mambo Firmware 3.0.6: ... /Mambo.plf
Mambo Firmware 3.0.17: ... /Mambo.plf
Mambo Firmware 3.0.26: ... /Mambo.plf

Release Notes
Bitte beachten, dass die Liste oben nicht komplett ist. Release notes leider auf englisch.

Update 3.0.17
Reason for new version:
Incorporates Firmware update for camera FW P1.0.07, with HQ mode
Add HQ mode support
Add RC raw mode feature, which forwards controls of a directly connected Flypad to the app
Send Flypad battery level to the app
Show Flypad presence in DNS/SD advertisement
Notify the app when take picture/record command is triggered from Flypad
Set camera date/time
Implement drone time keeping mechanism
Add low-latency bypass for Flypad
Wait until Mambo is ready to fly before attempting to connect to a Flypad
Implement web API on Mambo to manage media files on the camera

Update 3.0.6
Reason for new version:
Increase Mincam Bitrate

Version 3.0.3
Reason for new version: 
HD Camera compatibility
Ultrasound improvement
Flip management improvement
Minor Bug fixes

Version 2.6.11
Battery estimation corrected to show 100% after fast-charge
Several modifications on gyro bias estimation procedure
Fix BLE file transfer bugs
Fix lag after pressing reset settings button in app
Check disk space before taking a picture
Reduce minimum time between flips
Increase min vertical speed when flying with hull

Version 2.6.6
Reason for new version: 
Bug fixes

Version 2.6.5
Reason for new version: 
Button mapping saved on Parrot Flypad with FreeFlight Mini iOS 4.2.5 and above
Bug fixes

Version 1.0.17
Reason for new version: 
Major Bug fixes:
Fix mapping with Flypad standalone to be the same that with Flypad & FreeFlight Mini.
Fix "in charge" indicator after unplugging the USB of the drone.
[Hovering] Fix hovering drift at constant speed.
Connection restored on Flypad used directly with the MiniDrone after long distance disconnection.
[Hovering] Better transition from flying to hovering

Version 1.0.11
Reason for new version :
Improvement of accessory firmware
Bug fixes