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Ältere Firmware-Versionen für Parrots Mambo

Die Parrot Minidrone Mambo hält immer neue Überraschungen für dich bereit! Egal ob du dich für das Geschütz (Cannon) oder den Greifer (Grabber) entscheidest, am Himmel warten unzählige neue Abenteuer auf dich.
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Ältere Firmware-Versionen für Parrots Mambo

Beitrag von AR.Tommy » 4. Mai 2019 06:11


vielen Dank an Dirk_ANAFI der mir die älteren Firmwareversionen bereit gestellt hat falls jemand, aus welchen Gründen auch immer, ein Downgrade an seiner Mambo durchführen möchte:

Mambo Firmware 2.6.11: https://www.drone-forum.com/downloads/f ... /Mambo.plf
Mambo Firmware 3.0.6: https://www.drone-forum.com/downloads/f ... /Mambo.plf
Mambo Firmware 3.0.17: https://www.drone-forum.com/downloads/f ... /Mambo.plf
Mambo Firmware 3.0.26: https://www.drone-forum.com/downloads/f ... /Mambo.plf

Release Notes
Bitte beachten, dass die Liste oben nicht komplett ist. Release notes leider auf englisch.

Update 3.0.17
Reason for new version:
Incorporates Firmware update for camera FW P1.0.07, with HQ mode
Add HQ mode support
Add RC raw mode feature, which forwards controls of a directly connected Flypad to the app
Send Flypad battery level to the app
Show Flypad presence in DNS/SD advertisement
Notify the app when take picture/record command is triggered from Flypad
Set camera date/time
Implement drone time keeping mechanism
Add low-latency bypass for Flypad
Wait until Mambo is ready to fly before attempting to connect to a Flypad
Implement web API on Mambo to manage media files on the camera

Update 3.0.6
Reason for new version:
Increase Mincam Bitrate

Version 3.0.3
Reason for new version: 
HD Camera compatibility
Ultrasound improvement
Flip management improvement
Minor Bug fixes

Version 2.6.11
Battery estimation corrected to show 100% after fast-charge
Several modifications on gyro bias estimation procedure
Fix BLE file transfer bugs
Fix lag after pressing reset settings button in app
Check disk space before taking a picture
Reduce minimum time between flips
Increase min vertical speed when flying with hull

Version 2.6.6
Reason for new version: 
Bug fixes

Version 2.6.5
Reason for new version: 
Button mapping saved on Parrot Flypad with FreeFlight Mini iOS 4.2.5 and above
Bug fixes

Version 1.0.17
Reason for new version: 
Major Bug fixes:
Fix mapping with Flypad standalone to be the same that with Flypad & FreeFlight Mini.
Fix "in charge" indicator after unplugging the USB of the drone.
[Hovering] Fix hovering drift at constant speed.
Connection restored on Flypad used directly with the MiniDrone after long distance disconnection.
[Hovering] Better transition from flying to hovering

Version 1.0.11
Reason for new version :
Improvement of accessory firmware
Bug fixes
Sweet and delicious AR.Drone Apps.