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Revamp of Bebop 1 Router Mod™ to Lander (28/Jul/2016)

Alles über die Parrot Bebop und den Skycontroller. Jetzt neu: die Bebop 2 ist gelandet.
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Revamp of Bebop 1 Router Mod™ to Lander (28/Jul/2016)

Beitrag von solaris8x86 » 28. Jul 2016 15:32


Direkter Link: http://www.youtube.com/v/9NW7wgShWuY

This is an episode for a new Mod concept. I've dug out my decommissioned Bebop Router Mod from my basement and revamped it into a new kind of router mod called Lander. Due to the drone is really old that having ~2,269 flights in just 13 month back in Dec 2015. It has reached its end of life for sure. And its mod's objective had been "ultra long range low fly". In order to push this concept to go further. The Lander is born. This primary concept of this mod is to allow the drone to carry very limited battery capacity as it is, and stay on kilometre away to execute spy operation for up to an hour of mission flight time. Because as long as the drone has landed. It consumes only 1/8 of its full power during an airborne. So that it can last very long time on a remote location.
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