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Ar drone autonomous flight

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Ar drone autonomous flight

Beitrag von maryfadami » 13. Jul 2015 15:16

Dear Developers,

My name is Maryam and I am doing my PhD in agricultural engineering in Germany. I am trying to reach an autonomous fly with ar drone 2.0 inside a greenhouse. My goal is to analyze the plant situation by taking aerial pictures from them.
I found SDK related to image processing and one can have many options to control the copter, I am interested to test it.
Unfortunately I have not much knowledge in programing and my topic is more related to plant science but I definately need an autonomous flight.
can anyone give me a hint where to start?

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Re: Ar drone autonomous flight

Beitrag von AR.Tommy » 13. Jul 2015 15:26


for english inquiries please see our english board on http://www.ardrone-flyers.com/forum/
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