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DroneFlight available on the App Store

AR.Drone Apps für Apples iPhone, iPod und iPad
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DroneFlight available on the App Store

Beitrag von florent451 » 14. Nov 2013 18:34

Hi All,
i just published my app on the App Store, its name is DroneFlight.
it's a universal app available for iPhone iPad and iPod touch.
with this application, you can create a flight plan with several waypoints on maps/google maps (depends of your ios version)
but unlike qgroundcontrol you can not fly in full autonomous flight without wifi. when the drone loses the wifi connection it stabilizes and remains hovering.

make sure you have the firmware 2.3.3 to use the GPS
after that, launch a update in the update menu
(several files will be sent to the drone to use the GPS)

here is the description of the app https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/dronefl ... 29537?mt=8

The GPS autopilot function only works with the AR.Drone V2 and the flight recorder module (or a USB GPS)

+ Support for the 60beat gamepad
+ Autopilot function (with the GPS module)
+ Add and move checkpoints/navpoints on your flight plan.
+ Define checkpoints altitude and speed.
+ Take photo and video
+ Use the 4 inch display of the iphone 5.

do this to use the autopilot function:
1. The first time, upgrade the firmware of your drone in the update menu.
2. Connect your idevice to internet
3. Launch the application
4. Go to the checkpoints menu
5. Create the flight plan with several checkpoints
6. Connect your idevice to the drone in the wifi settings
7. Come back to the application
8. and press the autopilot button

please try my app and leave me your opinion.